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Aging in place is more important than ever with our elderly loved ones. Plymouth Plumbing & Heating is your contractor for aging in place solutions to make it easier and safer for you or your loved ones to remain in the home longer. Call us today and speak to a team member about bathroom modifications that include: 

  • Walk-in tubs / Safe-step tubs
  • Handheld showers
  • Curbless showers 
  • Shower benches
  • Bathroom grab bars
  • Single lever faucets 
  • Non-slip shower surfaces



Independent living means continued freedom. Just a few important modifications can allow you or your loved ones to remain in their homes longer. Our design team at Plymouth Plumbing & Heating can work with you to craft the best strategy to make independent living possible. Call us today to explore the possibilities.


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  • Curbless Shower
  • Non Slip Shower
  • Non Slip Tub
  • Single Lever Fauce
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  • Independent Living
  • Safe Step Tub
  • Handheld Shower
  • Walk In Tub
  • Bathroom Grab Bars
  • Shower Bench

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is when seniors are able to live comfortably and safely in the residence of their choice for as long as they desire. Reconfiguring rooms to be as safe as possible for elderly adults is a part of the process. At Plymouth Plumbing & Heating, we provide solutions that include a new layout of your house, redesigning your kitchen, or safety-proofing your bathroom to prevent dangerous slip and fall accidents. Together, we can help your loved ones enjoy their twilight years from the safety and comfort of their own specially-designed home.

What are the Benefits of Aging in Place?

There are numerous benefits to aging in place, for you as well as your loved ones. These include the following:

  • Aging in Place is Less Expensive than Retirement Homes
    Mom and Dad are getting closer to retirement and you are considering putting them in a nursing home. But the cost is through the roof! A retirement facility can start at $7600 a month. Why not try a more affordable solution through aging in place? Redesigning a home with a few safety precautions is far less expensive. It even allows seniors to take advantage of Medicare coverage to help pay for in-home help.
  • Aging in in Place Provides Close Proximity to Family and Friends
    Aging in place provides the proximity of friends and family necessary to assist in everyday tasks such as shopping, doctor visits, and social functions. It also fosters the intimacy and companionship that is so critical to emotional health.
  • Aging in Place is More Comfortable
    Keep your favorite chair, your personal mattress, and your curated walk-in closet. Unlike a cold hospital bed or a generic assisted living facility, aging in place allows seniors to bask in the sights, sounds, and smells they have grown accustomed to in life. It allows them to be surrounded by warm memories in their golden years. It also provides a semblance of privacy that is not always available in a group retirement facility.
  • Aging in Place Slows Memory Loss and Strengthens Social Networks
    Aging in place provides the added benefit of seniors maintaining their current social networks and communities. A study found that seniors who have frequent social contact saw a 70% reduction in cognitive decline when compared with more isolated people. Aging in place provides a plethora of scents, sounds, and sights to keep a senior cognitively engaged.
  • Aging in Place Maintains Self Determination and Creative Design
    After decades of hard work, retirement should be about seniors living the life they determine. Often, nursing homes can hinder this freedom with restrictive meal times and visiting hours. Aging in place creates a more independent lifestyle, allowing seniors to make their own decisions and design their own schedules. They can also control the style of their environment. While remodeling, repainting, or rearranging furniture may not be an option in a retirement facility, it certainly is allowed in your own home.
What are the Recommended Aging in Place Upgrades for Seniors?
  • Entrances: Should be easy to enter and exit with walkers, wheelchairs, canes, groceries, or babies. Create at least one entrance without steps for the most convenient mobility.
  • Bathrooms: Can be the most dangerous room. Sinks, showers, and toilets should be accessible to seniors and set to the right height and mobility. At minimum, create a door opening of at least 32 inches and install a curbless walk-in shower.
  • Kitchen: The gathering place for camaraderie and cooking. Strive for an open space with accessible counter heights, pullout shelves, and open storage. Blend natural and artificial light for beautiful design.
  • Bedrooms: Consider a bedroom on the first floor, making it ideal for aging parents to avoid stairs.
  • Windows: As we get older, more light is necessary for reading and other basic tasks. Enlarging windows is a marvelous way to achieve this, as well as adding scenic views like watching your grandchildren play.
  • Open design: The overall design of a home should be open for greater freedom of movement, flexibility in furniture layout, and spaciousness. Sliding walls are extremely effective because they allow multi-purpose rooms.
  • Outlets, switches, faucets, and doorknobs: Outlets, doorknobs, and light switches should be placed at heights optimal for retirees. Also, consider switches and doorknobs that are easier to use if a resident has arthritis or is injured.
  • Be sure to call us at Plymouth Plumbing and Heating for all your aging-in-place needs, ideas, and installations. We are here to help!

Can You Provide an Aging In Place Safety Checklist?

Yes! Repair and installation experts from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating are waiting by the phone to help you design a home for your elderly loved ones that is beautiful, convenient, affordable, and most importantly, safe. Here is a convenient checklist:

Bathroom Safety

  • Install a shower bench for seniors who have trouble standing
  • Use non-skid mats or strips to prevent slipping
  • Use clearly marked lever handles for hard to turn faucets
  • Install grab bars near toilets and showers
  • Consider a walk-in tub for seniors who have trouble getting in the bath
  • Install a raised toilet seat to help with standing and bending

Kitchen Safety

  • Install automatic shut off timers for ovens and stoves
  • Move curtains, paper towels, and fire hazards from range
  • Add lever handles and temperature controls for faucets
  • Install finger-safe garbage disposal covers
  • Consider pull-down shelves, or move most used products forward
  • Keep knives and sharp items in blocks or holders, not loose
What Do Aging in Place Home Modifications Cost?

The cost for aging in place home modifications will vary, depending on which options you choose. Simple changes, such as installing grab bars and non-slip surfaces in the tub, are easily affordable for most families. More extensive renovations that include new fixtures, such as lever faucets, walk-in tubs or curbless showers, and raised toilets, will cost more for the materials and installation.

According to, most aging in place renovations cost less than $10,000, which is considerably less than the cost of a nursing home. A team member from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating can help you fit many aging in place modifications into your budget. Call us today for some helpful guidance.


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JoAnn Basky
JoAnn Basky
23:20 30 Jul 21
I rarely write a service review but feel compelled. Friday afternoon around 1 I called because my water heater was out. By 4:30 Logan had found and retrieved the last water heater in stock in the area ( after much searching ) AND installed it! Friendly, efficient, professional, and SO HELPFUL! Thank you.
Paul Pfeifer
Paul Pfeifer
11:00 26 Jun 21
Outstanding, Professional, Knowledgeable staff.
Glen Kazmierski
Glen Kazmierski
10:11 23 Jun 21
We use Plymouth plumbing and heating for all of our plumbing needs. High quality work, friendly, professional, and punctual
Rick Grant
Rick Grant
17:07 19 Mar 21
Late Friday night we discovered a problem with the drain in the only shower in our house. We tried to clear it ourselves and used liquid drain cleaners to no avail. We knew with the weekend coming up we'd have little luck of getting a plumber out to help us. We called Plymouth Plumbing and Heating Saturday morning and they were on site within 3 hours. The drain was cleared shortly thereafter and the experienced crew person explained why it had happened. When the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised at the price. A good value from a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen
13:37 31 Aug 20
We are new to the Plymouth area and had a sewer back up in our house we had only owned 1 week. We called and were told someone would be there in the afternoon. Then we were called and told around noon. Then we were called and told someone would be there in a half hour. Thanks so much for rushing someone over to remedy our issue. Great communication!!!
tom boer
tom boer
00:26 20 Apr 20
My sump pump broke before a major rain storm coming on a weekend....they were great! ….they responded on a Saturday...explained the situation and options on site...and they installed a new sump pump immediately...I strongly recommend them!!! ... I will definitely use them again!!! they were very responsive, professional and very effective in getting the job done in an emergency situation!
Craig Waas
Craig Waas
17:03 28 Jan 20
When I hear Plymouth Plumbing and Heating, I think Family! They are always there for you and have your back when you need them. I was doing a remodel and lets just say it was bigger than a bread box....and Plymouth Plumbing and Heating was there every step of the way! Jamey was the mastermind in the trenches getting things done, but the whole team was there supporting me. When there was a "bump" in the remodel I could call or text and knew it would be handled. Never had to worry when will it get done. Boom Done!I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Plymouth Plumbing and Heating for ALL your plumbing needs!
Christina Hembel
Christina Hembel
17:56 21 Jan 20
I would definitely go back to, and refer others to Plymouth Plumbing & Heating. I have used there services on several occasions. They are prompt and efficient. Definitely the place to go for plumbing needs.
James Goldbeck
James Goldbeck
14:18 21 Jan 20
Jack and the team at PPH have done a wonderful job on our apartment building heating issue. We had another water heating company out here who could not solve the problem. PPH figured it out and fixed it within 2 hours. Thank you PPH!