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Perhaps you have heard the term “hard water,” but never really understood it. If you have ever experienced slimy-feeling hands after washing them, or been disgusted with the whitish film on your drinking glasses when taking them out of the dishwasher, then you know some of the consequences of hard water. The various dissolved minerals found in Wisconsin water can cause: 

  • Buildup that clogs pipes, lines, and appliances 
  • Sediment accumulation in water heaters 
  • Filmy coating on bathroom and kitchen surfaces, cookware, glassware, and other utensils 
  • Undue wear and discoloration on your laundry 
  • Adverse effects on hair and skin 



A quality water softener installation from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating can improve your health, save you energy and money, and protect your home’s important components from undue wear and deterioration. Call us at 920-259-2869 to speak with a team member about your water softener needs. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have questions, ask a plumber! Browse some commonly asked questions here or send us your plumbing-related question. We will reply with an answer promptly.

What is a Water Softener?

A water softener is a type filtration system for your entire home that removes harmful minerals from your water supply. It is called a “water softener” because it eliminates the cause of “hard water” — minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. These minerals form a scale over time that builds up in pipes, water heaters, and appliances. It reduces your water pressure and dramatically decreases the lifespan of your dishwasher, coffee machine, and other water-using appliances.

Hot water causes these minerals to harden and solidify even more, which is bad news for your hot water heater. The scale attaches to the heating elements. As the deposits crack and expand, it makes popping noises, like popping corn. If you hear these sounds from your hot water heater, hard water has already greatly decreased its efficiency. Various water softener types all follow the same basic process for turning hard water into soft water. The process is called ion exchange, in which the “hard” negative ions of calcium and magnesium are collected by passing the water through polystyrene beads that are positively charged with sodium.

What is Involved in a Water Softener Installation?

A plumber from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating can perform a water softener installation in a matter of hours. It will need to be installed as close as possible to where your main water line enters the home. This ensures that all your appliances, piping, and especially your water heater is protected from hard water minerals. It should be installed in a dry, level location close to an electrical outlet. The plumber will also need to install a drain line for the water softener.

Regardless of the water softener types available, the main components of a water softener installation are the mineral tank, the control valve, and the brine tank.

The Mineral Tank
This component is the main part of the water softener system, where the actual “water softening” process takes place. It contains resin beads that separate calcium and magnesium ions from your water.

The Control Valve
This valve measures the amount of water passing through the mineral tank and into your home. At a predetermined point, before the resin beads in the mineral tank become depleted, the valve initiates a regeneration cycle to “recharge” the beads.

The Brine Tank
This tank holds a concentrated solution (usually salt or potassium) that restores the resin beads’ positive charge. It is this charge that attracts the calcium and magnesium ions, causing them to “stick” to the beads and leave your water soft and pure.

Your plumber from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating will place and prepare all these components and any necessary water or drain lines during your water softener installation. He will also demonstrate how the system works, along with the routine maintenance that is required to maintain the system in optimal operating condition.

What Does a Water Softener Installation Cost?

There are various water softener types available, and each system will include different features and options. We carry Hellenbrand water softeners, which we believe are the best options available. Your water softener installation cost can range anywhere from $500-$4000, depending on the type, quality, and installation needs.

Salt or potassium-based water softeners can also have recurring costs for maintaining the system. One of our team members can explain these factors, as you calculate the total costs for installing and maintaining a particular system.

Call Plymouth Plumbing & Heating today or send us a message online to ask about water softener installation and the best water softener types available for your home!

Why Does Water Need to be Softened?

Ever heard of the term “hard water”? Most people have but don’t quite know what it means. Hard water is when there is a high concentration of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, bicarbonates, and sulfates in your water. These contaminants shorten the lifespan of your plumbing by clogging your pipes and complicating the solubility of your detergent and soap. This is also the culprit behind the buildup on your glass and silverware.

A water softener removes these minerals, increasing your plumbing durability. Soft water even helps create softer skin and shinier hair. Plymouth Plumbing and Heating carries Hellenbrand water softeners, which we believe to be the best option on the market. Call a member of our team today to get yours!

What are the Benefits of a Water Softener?

Longer Appliance Lifespan
Calcium and magnesium contaminants can easily ruin expensive faucets and pipes. Water softeners are an excellent investment to avoid this buildup and increase your water-based appliance’s life span. In addition to your faucets and laundry machines, it improves your solar heating system, air conditioning units, and other water-based applications.

Decreases Dry Skin and Dull Hair
The large composite of magnesium and calcium in hard water makes it difficult to lather the soap. This typically leaves you with a film of soap on your skin every time you shower or wash your hands. Water softener makes the water easier to lather, thus resulting in softer skin and shinier hair.

Cleaner Clothes
Hard water may also leave mineral stains on your laundry due to the soap being difficult to lather. By stripping away those contaminants, water softeners improve the quality and cleanliness of your garments.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softeners operate through a process called ion exchange. The softener holds the contaminants in a conditioning tank, eliminating calcium and magnesium. These minerals are exchanged for other ions such as sodium and potassium, creating soft water. This process is also called water treatment — any process that improves the quality of water for a specific use.

What are the Health Effects of a Home Water Softener?

A water softener that uses salt (sodium chloride) will increase your salt intake if you drink the water. If a family member in your home has high blood pressure, make sure to consult with a doctor before drinking softened water. As an alternative, you can use water softeners that exchange potassium chloride instead of salt.

Or you can invest in salt-free softeners that use a process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). This process converts the hard minerals into a hard crystal that won’t stick to any surface in your home. As a note, the calcium, iron, and magnesium minerals removed from hard water are not harmful to the body — only to appliances. Removal of these minerals removes them from the diet, which also may be a health disadvantage.

How Long Does a Water Softener Last?

A good water softener can last from 10-20 years. Give Plymouth Plumbing and Heating a call today to find the best water softener for your home. We offer both water softener repair and installation.


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Rick Grant
Rick Grant
17:07 19 Mar 21
Late Friday night we discovered a problem with the drain in the only shower in our house. We tried to clear it ourselves and used liquid drain cleaners to no avail. We knew with the weekend coming up we'd have little luck of getting a plumber out to help us. We called Plymouth Plumbing and Heating Saturday morning and they were on site within 3 hours. The drain was cleared shortly thereafter and the experienced crew person explained why it had happened. When the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised at the price. A good value from a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen
13:37 31 Aug 20
We are new to the Plymouth area and had a sewer back up in our house we had only owned 1 week. We called and were told someone would be there in the afternoon. Then we were called and told around noon. Then we were called and told someone would be there in a half hour. Thanks so much for rushing someone over to remedy our issue. Great communication!!!
tom boer
tom boer
00:26 20 Apr 20
My sump pump broke before a major rain storm coming on a weekend....they were great! ….they responded on a Saturday...explained the situation and options on site...and they installed a new sump pump immediately...I strongly recommend them!!! ... I will definitely use them again!!! they were very responsive, professional and very effective in getting the job done in an emergency situation!
Craig Waas
Craig Waas
17:03 28 Jan 20
When I hear Plymouth Plumbing and Heating, I think Family! They are always there for you and have your back when you need them. I was doing a remodel and lets just say it was bigger than a bread box....and Plymouth Plumbing and Heating was there every step of the way! Jamey was the mastermind in the trenches getting things done, but the whole team was there supporting me. When there was a "bump" in the remodel I could call or text and knew it would be handled. Never had to worry when will it get done. Boom Done!I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Plymouth Plumbing and Heating for ALL your plumbing needs!
Christina Hembel
Christina Hembel
17:56 21 Jan 20
I would definitely go back to, and refer others to Plymouth Plumbing & Heating. I have used there services on several occasions. They are prompt and efficient. Definitely the place to go for plumbing needs.
James Goldbeck
James Goldbeck
14:18 21 Jan 20
Jack and the team at PPH have done a wonderful job on our apartment building heating issue. We had another water heating company out here who could not solve the problem. PPH figured it out and fixed it within 2 hours. Thank you PPH!
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
17:57 02 Nov 19
Very helpful , unfortunately I was looking to replace a 40 year old part .
Nick Deering
Nick Deering
16:58 12 Oct 19
We were having trouble with our boiler on a Saturday and Adam was out to our house within an hour. Great service, definitely recommend.
Ann Aswegan
Ann Aswegan
02:22 14 Aug 19
We live near Lake Michigan in an older home without a basement and for many years we have experienced problems of water accumulating in the crawlspace area under our main floor. We’ve asked several contractors and plumbers in our area to assess the situation, but none of them have offered any viable solutions. I decided to widen my search for answers and was drawn to the Plymouth Plumbing website. I called them and was able to set up an appointment a couple of days later for a free estimate. About 30 minutes before the plumber was due to arrive, I received a call from his office letting me know that he was running about 45 minutes late. The receptionist asked if I would be willing to wait or prefer to reschedule. I suggested 4 pm that afternoon and he arrived right on time. Jack Dellger is the third generation owner of a family business and has had a lot of experience with these water-related issues. He listened carefully to my questions, checked out the crawlspace, and then walked around the perimeter of the house pointing out where and how water could seep under the house when it rains. He gave me several suggestions about how to change the slope of the land so rain water would drain away from the house; where to seal up the wide cracks between our cement front stoop and the base of the adjacent siding; how to improve on the existing gutters, and where we needed to add additional ones. When I asked him for some recommendations of whom he trusted to do those jobs, he not only provided me with names, but offered to call them for me and see how soon they would be available to come and give us an estimate for the necessary improvements. Although he declined my offer to pay him for his consultation, he said that the next time we had any plumbing problems, he hoped we would give him a call. I enjoyed meeting Jack and appreciated the way he clearly explained everything. We will definitely contact Plymouth Plumbing and Heating for any plumbing issues that we may encounter in the future.