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Stay cozy and warm throughout the winter months with radiant floor heating from Plymouth Plumbing & Heating. Wisconsin winters can be severe — but you can enjoy even, healthy, reliable heat that is almost undetectable. Radiant floor heating evenly heats an entire space where it is installed, even warming furniture and items in the room so they do not steal away body heat, keeping you warmer longer. 

Call us at 920-259-2869 to speak with a team member about radiant floor heating installation for your new or existing home.



We also offer radiant floor heating repair to existing systems, including both hydronic and electrical problems, even if we did not install your radiant heating system. Typically, radiant floor heating installations need little to no maintenance, and carry a guarantee of around 30 years. Call Plymouth Plumbing & Heating today or send us a message online to ask about radiant floor heating repair for your Wisconsin home. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have questions, ask a plumber! Browse some commonly asked questions here or send us your plumbing-related question. We will reply with an answer promptly.

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Radiant floor heating systems are installed underneath the floor covering to supply heat directly to the floor of your home. These systems take their name from the method of heat transfer — heat radiates from the system components through the surface and into the air via infrared radiation. This is similar to how your kitchen stove heats cookware.

What are the Main Types of Radiant Floor Heating?

Plymouth Plumbing & Heating is a radiant floor heating contractor that installs two main types of radiant floor heating. A very popular option uses water from your hot water heater, called a hydronic system; the other type of system uses electric cables. Both systems use the hydronic tubing or electric cables to evenly spread heat throughout the floor.

What are the Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating systems are more efficient than wall-mounted, vent-based, or free-standing heating options. They save space on walls and floors, and provide even warmth throughout the room. Choosing an electric or water-based system will also factor into how much ROI you will enjoy, as well as the size of your home.

Plus, there are no vents to spread allergens through the air or uneven temperatures that leave too much heat on one side of the room and cold areas in another. Radiant floor heating is energy efficient and can use your home’s existing components to provide warmth.

What is Involved in a Radiant Floor Heating Installation?

A radiant floor heating installation can be performed in new construction or existing homes by an experienced radiant floor heating contractor like Plymouth Plumbing & Heating. We recommend professional installations to ensure safe and reliable installation of hydronic and electrical components. Plus, your home may need a separate electrical circuit for some radiant floor heating installations.

The radiant floor heating components are laid within the new or existing subfloor of your home. They can even be embedded within concrete. For most rooms, the components can be attached to the subflooring and positioned close to the surface of your chosen floor covering. Tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring is recommended for use over radiant floor heating.

The hydronic and/or electrical components are then connected to water and power sources and thermostats for comfortable temperature control. You can even incorporate smart thermostats for programmable or long-distance heating control from your smartphone.

What Does Radiant Floor Heating Cost to Operate?

Your radiant floor heating cost can be calculated by figuring the square footage of the rooms where you plan to install radiant floor heating and multiplying that by the cost of energy per kilowatt in your area. Most radiant floor heat systems use about 12 watts of energy per square foot.

For example, a room with 90 square feet multiplied by 12 watts equals 1080 watts of electricity. That is 1.08 kilowatts. If the cost of energy in your area is $2.00 per kilowatt, then the cost to heat that room would be about $3.08 per hour.

Keep in mind this is only when the system is operating. With a thermostat control to maintain a constant temperature, the system will heat the room and shut off to conserve energy. Therefore, your actual radiant floor heating cost could be lower or higher, depending on usage.


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JoAnn Basky
JoAnn Basky
23:20 30 Jul 21
I rarely write a service review but feel compelled. Friday afternoon around 1 I called because my water heater was out. By 4:30 Logan had found and retrieved the last water heater in stock in the area ( after much searching ) AND installed it! Friendly, efficient, professional, and SO HELPFUL! Thank you.
Paul Pfeifer
Paul Pfeifer
11:00 26 Jun 21
Outstanding, Professional, Knowledgeable staff.
Glen Kazmierski
Glen Kazmierski
10:11 23 Jun 21
We use Plymouth plumbing and heating for all of our plumbing needs. High quality work, friendly, professional, and punctual
Rick Grant
Rick Grant
17:07 19 Mar 21
Late Friday night we discovered a problem with the drain in the only shower in our house. We tried to clear it ourselves and used liquid drain cleaners to no avail. We knew with the weekend coming up we'd have little luck of getting a plumber out to help us. We called Plymouth Plumbing and Heating Saturday morning and they were on site within 3 hours. The drain was cleared shortly thereafter and the experienced crew person explained why it had happened. When the bill came, we were pleasantly surprised at the price. A good value from a very responsive team. Highly recommended.
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen
13:37 31 Aug 20
We are new to the Plymouth area and had a sewer back up in our house we had only owned 1 week. We called and were told someone would be there in the afternoon. Then we were called and told around noon. Then we were called and told someone would be there in a half hour. Thanks so much for rushing someone over to remedy our issue. Great communication!!!
tom boer
tom boer
00:26 20 Apr 20
My sump pump broke before a major rain storm coming on a weekend....they were great! ….they responded on a Saturday...explained the situation and options on site...and they installed a new sump pump immediately...I strongly recommend them!!! ... I will definitely use them again!!! they were very responsive, professional and very effective in getting the job done in an emergency situation!
Craig Waas
Craig Waas
17:03 28 Jan 20
When I hear Plymouth Plumbing and Heating, I think Family! They are always there for you and have your back when you need them. I was doing a remodel and lets just say it was bigger than a bread box....and Plymouth Plumbing and Heating was there every step of the way! Jamey was the mastermind in the trenches getting things done, but the whole team was there supporting me. When there was a "bump" in the remodel I could call or text and knew it would be handled. Never had to worry when will it get done. Boom Done!I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Plymouth Plumbing and Heating for ALL your plumbing needs!
Christina Hembel
Christina Hembel
17:56 21 Jan 20
I would definitely go back to, and refer others to Plymouth Plumbing & Heating. I have used there services on several occasions. They are prompt and efficient. Definitely the place to go for plumbing needs.
James Goldbeck
James Goldbeck
14:18 21 Jan 20
Jack and the team at PPH have done a wonderful job on our apartment building heating issue. We had another water heating company out here who could not solve the problem. PPH figured it out and fixed it within 2 hours. Thank you PPH!