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The Biggest Trends in Remodeling We’ve Seen This Year

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Remodeling is a popular method to add comfort, value, and your own personal style to any home. Home improvement efforts are a great way to remake an existing home your family needs. Renovation and remodeling efforts often follow certain trends as new or creative changes become popular. 

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As a result, we have seen trends come and go through the decades. If 2020 has been anything, it has been a year of surprises. However, some of the biggest trends in remodeling we’ve seen have stemmed from practical and healthy factors, with some personal creativity thrown in for variety. Here are some of the biggest trends we’ve seen in remodeling this year. 

Customized Living Spaces 

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Many homeowners have been forced to adapt to a “new normal” in 2020 and that includes some unique adaptations to their homes and how families use the available space. Many have been compelled to work from home, so new comfortable office spaces have been in high demand. As this trend takes on a more permanent look in many industries, the temporary arrangement has given way to more permanent and roomy spaces. 

Spare bedrooms, unused formal dining rooms, basements, and even attic spaces can all be transformed into a comfy, yet professional, office working space. Such a renovation provides adequate area to accommodate necessary office furniture, equipment, and even meeting areas and a suitable backdrop for Zoom meetings with team members. 

Other custom construction and remodeling projects have included additional storage for families that spend increased time at home, a home gym to replace a public gym membership, home entertainment area, mini bar, and, of course, improved kitchen and bathroom spaces to better accommodate families at home. 

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency 

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Another common trend in 2020 reflects efforts to save money where possible in an uncertain financial climate. Investments into energy efficient means are always popular, but this year interest has increased even more. 

Many of these remodels include adding insulation, new energy-efficient windows and doors, water- and power-saving appliances, water softeners, and even solar power options. These home improvement upgrades generally require the services of a professional for installation, like a remodel plumbing company for the proper installation of water lines and water-saving devices and appliances. 

Home Renovation to Create Open Concept Designs 

Due to the forced restrictions on travel and socialization, many homeowners have chosen home improvement remodel projects that allow for more open space within the home to achieve a feeling of freedom. Open floor plans have been popular for several years, but the open concept is being applied on a wider scale. 

Some of the more popular choices we have seen include living rooms that extend into outdoor living areas, open concept walk-in showers and bathing options, and basement entertainment venues with digital media, pool tables, game tables, and more. As families spend more time at home and together, freedom and entertaining at home are more important. 

Adding Outdoor Living Spaces 

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Building on the above reference, outdoor living spaces are the new way to get outdoors while social distancing for protecting health. These remodels range from simply adding a deck and grill to fashionable hardscapes with build-in cooking and food preparation areas, guest seating, ambiance lighting, and entertainment options. 

The outdoor fireplace or fire pit, wet bar, comfortable seating, and eating components are the top choices almost every homeowner makes for increasing the usability of outdoor space. Others may even add swimming pools or outdoor hot tubs requiring a custom design and remodel plumbing services. 

Remodels with Top-Quality Surfacing Materials 

Homeowners and families that are spending more time at home are investing in ways to increase the quality of those home experiences. This has also meant an uptick in remodels including new, better-quality surfaces throughout the home. These home improvement steps tend to me more personalized, but most reflect a marked increase in the quality of materials chosen. 

New longer-lasting and aesthetically pleasing flooring options are popular, as well as custom countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Some room remodels have featured ceiling tiles to add ambiance while others have stuck with the more practical task of replacing outdoor siding for better insulation and protection. 

Technological Advances for Remodeling

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Adding technology remains to be a popular option when remodeling any home, especially with new “smart home” features that make almost every aspect of living easier, safer, and more convenient. Virtually any feature of your home can be programmed or controlled on command from a smartphone app. These include: 

  • Temperature control
  • Appliances 
  • Lighting 
  • Room usage
  • Power saving 
  • Locking/unlocking/monitoring/security 
  • Remote access 
  • Human health or pet monitoring 

Some homeowners choose to install new radiant heating when adding new flooring. This not only increases comfort for the family spending more time at home, it adds value to the home and saves energy as a more efficient temperature control system. 

Choosing the Best Remodel Plumbing Company 

Every homeowner wants to invest their remodeling dollars wisely, and that begins with choosing the best remodeling team. An experienced remodel plumbing company like Plymouth Plumbing & Heating is a vital part of that team. Our many Master Plumbers can help you make the space of your dreams into a working reality. 

Plymouth Plumbing & Heating serves many areas in the state of Wisconsin, including Plymouth, Sheboygan, Cascade, Grafton, Howards Grove, Kohler, Port Washington, and St. Cloud. For three generations, our family-owned business has served our local community with excellent products and customer services that keep customers returning to us for all their plumbing and heating needs. 

When you are ready for Wisconsin remodeling that includes plumbing and heating needs, choose Plymouth Plumbing & Heating to help you design, create, and finish your project. 

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